Cover letter - Essay ExampleI have worked as volunteer teacher in Saudi Educational Center in St John from March 2011 to June 2011 and from October 2011 to June 2012, where I was involved in the assessment of students’ abilities. My performance in this post has been lauded through securing first place among 3000 teachers in Dawadmi province as well as being first among the 7 teachers in my institution. During my stint as a teacher I have been able to motivate creativity in children and to encourage them to explore.

Aircraft Electrical and Mechanical Systems - Case Study ExampleThis is why the name static to distinguish it from other concepts such as dynamic and absolute pressure. Atmospheric pressure reduces height and vice versa. The main explanation for this phenomenon is that Air has weight, and it is this weight exerted on a unit area of a surface that is known as pressure. The atmospheric pressure can be defined as the total force or weight by an air column at a point or area. Moving up means the air column is reducing resulting in less weight due to less air. Therefore, the pressure becomes less, which explains why atmospheric pressure reduces with height. Air presses on us more when at sea level that when on a mountaintop. This because at sea level the air pressure is approximately 14.7 lbs. /in2 and this value reduce as one goes up. Pressure varies significantly as one moves from the earth’s surface upwards to the top of the atmosphere. At higher altitudes, there is less air resulting in less weight and consequently less pressure.

Sustainable life is about a life style that reduces an person ‘s or society ‘s usage of planetary natural resources ( Ainoa et al. 2009 ) . For sustainable life, we should carry on our lives in ways that are consistent with the nucleus rules of sustainability, in natural balance and respectful of humanity ‘s symbiotic relationship with the Earth ‘s natural ecology and biological rhythms ( CELL, 2010? ) . Such a life manner requires that we make serious efforts to cut down our C footmark by changing diet, energy ingestion and transit methods ( Winter, 2007 ) . Brown ( ? ? ? ) has described sustainable life in the twenty-first century as switching to a renewable energy-based, reuse/recycle economic system with a diversified conveyance system.It is by and large recognized that instruction is the most of import factor in bettering the quality of life and for heightening chances for single development. However, it has merely late been realized that instruction is the decisive factor in turn toing the present crisis related to environmental instability.

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